LLAMA-2 Released – FREE for Commercial Use – Outperforms Falcon LLM – How to Use It Right Now?

One of the most awaited open-source LLM is here now…LLAMA-2 outperforms rest of them.

Meta has released LLAMA -2, which is an open-source large language model & it is currently available through Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Hugging Face & few others. Check out how you can get started with it.

LLAMA-2 is actually a result of expanded AI partnership between Meta & Microsoft. It is available for FREE for both commercial & research purposes.

Let’s highlight the features of LLAMA-2:

  • LLAMA-2 is available in 3 parameter sizes, 7B, 13B & 70B.
  • All model sizes are pre-trained with reinforced learning from human feedback.
  • That is the same technique used to train ChatGPT & GPT 4 from OpenAI.
  • Context Length is doubled from 2048 to 4090.
  • LLAMA-2 outperforms all opensource models which are currently available by a wide margin.
  • For the parameter size of 7B, LLAMA 2 had double the benchmarks figures in comparison to MPT-7B & Falcon 7B.
  • Since, both Falcon & MPT, don’t come with a 13B parameter size, they could only compete with LLAMA-2’s 70B type.
  • Naturally, it outperformed both of them.
  • You can checkout the table below as presented by Meta.

How to use LLAMA-2 right now?

If you want to access LLAMA-2, then first you’ll have to accept Meta’s terms and conditions. It is a simple form that will grant access to your email-address within 24-hrs.

After that, it is up to you to choose the provider you want. As mentioned above, LLAMA-2 is available via Azure, AWS & HuggingFace. I’ll add more providers to this list as I find them.

If you just want to checkout how LLAMA-2 performs then you can do so here  without needing any access from Meta.

Above link doesn’t require any sign-up or agreement. So, do check it out.

How to use LLAMA-2 with HuggingFace?

If you want to build apps using LLAMA-2 then you must have access to the weights & model card.

So, after you have submitted the Meta’s agreement form, wait till you receive a congrats email from them regarding LLAMA-2’s access.

After that, head over to Hugging Face LLAMA-2 .

Above link has all the details about the model itself & all available types.

In resources section of this article (at the bottom), you’ll find individual link to LLAMA-2 7B, 13B & 70B parameter sizes.

You will need accept a mandatory model agreement from HuggingFace as well. It takes few hours for them to check your profile & approve you.

After that you can simply download all the necessary weights & files from HuggingFace to use to build your AI App.

Once I have an access to the model, I’ll upload the source code of a simple AI ChatBot based on LLAMA-7B & 13B for you to checkout & expand further.

You can checkout the video below to learn more about LLAMA-2. You can find all the related link in the resources section below as well.

I was granted access within 1Hr, so the wait-time isn’t too long. 😊


LLAMA-2 Demo

Meta’s LLAMA-2 Announcement

LLAMA-2’s Meta Page

LLAMA-2’s Hugging Face Page

Download LLAMA-2 7B

Download LLAMA-2 13B

Download LLAMA-2 70B

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