Chat with PDF Documents for FREE – AI Chatbot for PDF Documents – Improve your efficiency by 1000%

CSV, PDF & TXT Files are Supported – Unlimited Files – No monthly commitment

Hi coders, I am glad to announce that I’ve created a document chatbot. You can access it for FREE by following the link.

If you want to run it locally – Buy Chatdocsai App

  • You can buy the app as well if you want to run it locally.
  • All the features that you will find in the online version, are available in the paid app.
  • Running it locally will be beneficial if you do not want to host your documents online on our server.
  • You can also configure the app to run an open-source LLM, since, you will be getting a full developer version of the app.
  • FREE Support from my end if you want to setup an open-source LLM locally.

Features of the app:

  • Create separate accounts for individuals with their own space for saving, loading and chatting with documents.
  • Save multiple OpenAI accounts and set one of them primary to manage different accounts.
  • File management system to Upload, View and Delete files.
  • Persisting chats based on each document.
  • Chats will be saved on your own computer for perfect privacy and security.
  • Dark-mode enabled so you have longer chat sessions.

As you probably know that we have to deal with loads of documents on a daily basis. Be it PDF, DocX or Text files.

There is so much text to go through & many times, it is time consuming & we don’t always understand the whole document in one-go. Imagine, how you would feel going through it second or thrice, it would be quite annoying won’t it!

Have you ever read a terms and conditions page whole? I bet NOT! Those terms & conditions often have something you may not like.

Now you can just upload that in this app & ask the AI bot, is there something fishy or harmful in this document?

And the bot will reply immediately.

You can also ask it to summarize the entire document so you can understand the gist of it.

This app is immensely helpful if you want to upload chapters of a book & want to know if it is worth reading without having to go through it & face disappointment.

You can upload a tutorial document & ask it for specific guideline. For example, you can upload a Flask 2.3 document & ask it to tell you the code for creating a route in flask.

Since, other models are trained on an earlier data, they don’t know the updates being made to the libraries. So, they often answer with older version of the script that may break when you run it.

But with this method, the chatbot will actually go through the document to give an accurate script that will always work.

That’s why I created this document chatbot & it is super simple to use. Just upload your documents & within minutes you can start chatting.

There is no joining fees or monthly commitment. So, this app is totally FREE for you. All you need to is connect your OpenAI account with your profile & you are good to go.

As you know that OpenAI gives you FREE credits to test out the models, there is absolutely NO Reason for you to not give it a try.

Currently the app is in beta version & I’ll be making several improvements in it. I’ll add more models that will be able to solve your queries quicker & understand the context of the conversation to reply to you accurately.

So, please do try it out. Follow the link to try out It’s completely FREE.

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