OpenAI Pricing Calculator – How much you would pay for OpenAI Models?

How much would you have to pay per inference & training OpenAI Models

Hi Coders, if you are creating ai apps with the help of OpenAI GPT models then you will find this tool indispensable. has been updated with 🔥🤖1800+ AI Tools. 🔥 I am working on recording prices & they will be updated asap.

I’ve created a free tool for OpenAI price calculation. It will calculate price, words, tokens & images that you would have with OpenAI.

You can purchase the OpenAI price calculator app as well to support me & if you want to run the app locally.

The tool is really simple to use & it will be immensely helpful if you just want to know how much you’d have to pay if you want to use OpenAI for AI Blog Writing, Copy Writing, etc.

Currently, I am working on expanding this tool so that you can create and manage campaigns from it.

That way, if you or your client wants to know how much they would have to pay to use certain models, then you can quickly calculate & generate a report.

The FREE OpenAI Pricing Calculator tool also has a feedback link that will send a telegram message on the support group. I’ll try to answer your queries as soon as possible regarding further enhancements & updates of the tool.

Here’s what you can expect from version 2.0 of this tool:

  1. Campaign management
    1. Create & manage campaigns for you clients.
    1. Keep OpenAI keys separate and organized.
  2. Export reports
    1. Download or email reports directly from the dashboard.
    1. You can also send them via social apps like Telegram, Whatsapp & Discord.
  3. User authentication
    1. Create account for yourself & your team-mates.
    1. Keep things private & handy whenever you need.
  4. Playground page to test out the models.
    1. A great to showcase how the model will perform right from the app itself.You will be able to choose the right model based on the response you get.

    1. You can change settings as per you like.

And that’s not all 🔥🔥

I have already planned for version 3.0.

Key Features of this calculator app v3.0 will be:

  1. Compare prices of 100’s of AI Tools right from the app.
  2. Select the ones that are perfect for you use-case.
  3. Keep an eye on new & better AI tools that will boost your productivity many folds.

Checkout the app videos:

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